The 2001 Points Championship was(at that time)the closest in club history. Aaron Hastings and Chris Surrett held the lead until missing the Lake Russell night tournament in July dropped them down into the fifth position.

From there, Schannen Sprouse and Patrick Martin held the lead until a string of top 5 finishes moved Paul O'Dell and Tim Hodges into the lead with only a 14 point lead over
Dennis Henderson and Bennie Vaughn with 1 tournament to go.

Paul and Tim finished in a tie for tenth place in the last tournament to capture the 2001 Points Championship. Finishing second, only three points behind, was the team of Dennis Henderson and Bennie Vaughn.

Ten points behind Dennis and Bennie was Fred Griffin and Jeff Hanley who finished third. In the fourth position, nine points out of third, was Schannen Sprouse and Patrick Martin followed closely by Keith Gary and Travis Allen who finished fifth.

The 2001 season was the most competitive in club history in both the points championship as well as the individual tournaments themselves. Out of the ten tournaments held in 2001, all ten had a different winner. The final point standings are listed on the right.




  1. O'Dell/Hodges-503
  2. Henderson/vaughn-500
  3. Griffin/Hanley-490
  4. Sprouse/Martin-481
  5. Gary/Allen-470
  6. Kelly/Kelly-466
  7. Plake/Jones-466
  8. Kidd/Little-463
  9. Dean/Dean-458
  10. Keisler/Futch-453
  11. O'Dell/Arsenault-445
  12. McClain/O'Dell-444
  13. Pruitt/Still-439
  14. Hastings/Surrett-433
  15. Parson/Willis-431
  16. Franklin/Burgess-431
  17. Strause/Acton-412
  18. McAlister/McAlister-406
  19. Mountz/Boatwright-399
  20. Rumfelt/Griffin-397
  21. Yelton/Yelton-378
  22. Salters/Addison-369
  23. Cole/Corley-330
  24. Allen/Allen-298
  25. Stoudemire/Simmons-272
  26. Bedenbaugh/Jennings-236
  27. Sizemore/Fricks-216
  28. Crowley/Jones-206
  29. Smith/Butler-192
  30. Hughes/Pitts-190
  31. Bowie/Poore-181
  32. Burroughs/Burroughs-162
  33. Couch/Rhodes-113
  34. Calliham/Feegan-60
  35. Allen/Lowe-50