The 2002 Points Championship proved to be the most competitive in club history. The first half of the season saw the points lead swapped between the teams of Roland McInville/Ralph Reed, Charles Pruitt/John Still and Keith/Kevin Ashley who all won tournaments in the Spring of the year.

By the Summer it appeared the Ashley brothers were going to blow away the field with several top five finishes in a row. The Summer also saw several different teams moving into the top five in points. Consistent finishes saw the teams of Steve Franklin/Eddie Burgess and Jeff O'Dell/Steve Arsenault making their presence known.

By the time September rolled around the Points Championship was a virtual toss up with any of the top five teams in striking distance of first place. Then the unexpected happened. Three of the top five teams contending for the championship had their worst finishes of the year; one team not catching a fish and the other two finishing out of the top twenty. The team of Jeff O'Dell/Steve Arsenault were able to capitalize on this and jumped into a four point lead in the point standings with only two tournaments remaining.

The October tournament saw Charles Priutt/John Still close the margin to a mere two points with only one tournament left. At this point the championship was still in striking distance for the top five in points but was realistically down to the top two. Jeff O'Dell/Steve Arsenault needed to finish no more than one place behind Charles and John to capture the Points Championship.

That last tournament saw extremely tough fishing with only a little over eight pounds deciding the winner. The championship contenders both weighed in early with Charles Pruitt/John Still one place ahead of Jeff O'Dell/Steve Arsenault with many boats still to weigh in. One team after another brought their fish to the scales but none had enough weight to keep Jeff and Steve from finishing that one place behind Charles and John and allowed Jeff and Steve to capture their first Five Lakes Fishing Club Points Championship by only one point.


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  1. O'Dell/Arsenault-865
  2. Pruitt/Still-864
  3. Franklin/Burgess-849
  4. Henderson/Vaughn-847
  5. Ashley/Ashley-844
  6. McClain/O'Dell-844
  7. O'Dell/Hodges-808
  8. McInville/Reed-806
  9. Barnet/Fowler-806
  10. Martin/Branyon-798
  11. Madden/Allen-783
  12. Melton/O'Dell--773
  13. Gary/Allen-768
  14. Axom/Kuykendall-758
  15. Turner/Brothers-756
  16. D. Ashley/C. Ashley-754
  17. Rickett/Shipes-734
  18. Strause/Quarles-731
  19. Griffin/Hanley-728
  20. Stoudemire/Simmons-717
  21. McAlister/Futch-715
  22. Salters/Addison-713
  23. Kelley/Kelley-712
  24. Wertz/Mann-684
  25. Allen/Allen-659
  26. Rumfelt/Griffin-626
  27. Acton/Acton--626
  28. Dean/Dean-616
  29. Plake/Jones-596
  30. Burroughs/Burroughs-544
  31. Shealy/Enlow-532
  32. Sisson/Lowery-525
  33. Cobb/Cobb-503
  34. Lowery/Pits-503
  35. Sizemore/Fricks-485
  36. Mountz/Boatwright-464
  37. Kidd/Little-446
  38. Hodges/Duncan-439
  39. Corley/Wood-438
  40. Allen/Lowe-436
  41. Manley/Kinney-433
  42. Davis/Young-430
  43. Hastings/Surrett-348
  44. Yelton/Yelton-327
  45. Brooks/Brooks-324
  46. Coker/Ownbey-315
  47. Camak/Camak-314
  48. Bedenbaugh/Pitts-275
  49. Surrett/Surrett-244
  50. Jones/Crowley-213
  51. Sutherland/Alexander-201
  52. Trantham/Morrow-149
  53. Sprouse/Couch-139
  54. Webb/Webb-100
  55. Jennings/Jennings-93
  56. Fortner/Gunter-86
  57. Blackwell/Ertzberger-83
  58. Paysinger/Paysinger-73
  59. Holloway/Easley-60
  60. Blalock/Koon-30
  61. Sloan/Sloan-30
  62. Smith/Smith-0