The 2003 season was a season dominated by the teams of David Batson/Kevin Calliham, Roland McInville/Ralph Reed and Joey Madden/Jason Snyder. All three of these teams took their turns leading the points throughout the spring and summer with Batson/Calliham scoring a victory in the first half of the year.

The second half of the season started with two night tournaments, for the first time in club history, which saw several experienced night fish teams make moves into the top ten in points. Travis Allen/Keith Gary, Tony McAlister/Joey Futch, Phil O'Dell/Carl Melton and Roland McInville and Ralph Reed all notched top finishes with Roland and Ralph holding a sixteen point lead in the points at the end of August.

Then in September, much like in 2002, the points leader going into the tournament didn't catch a single fish. This is when Joey Madden and Jason Snyder notched their first victory of the season and took over the lead in the race for the Tour Championship. A lead they did not relinquish.

The month of October saw Joey and Jason stretch their lead while second through twentieth positions in points tightened to only thirty-five points.

November brought an end to the Club's streak of no repeat winner's during a season as the Champ's notched their second victory of the year. The November tournament also saw several top ten teams struggle with one dropping from eighth to twentieth.




  1. Madden/Snyder--881
  2. Batson/Calliham--832
  3. Fowler/Barnett--829
  4. Burgess/Adams--825
  5. McInville/Reed--820
  6. Allen/Gary--818
  7. Turner/Brothers--817
  8. Owens/Greer--814
  9. Parker/Mann--809
  10. Kelley/Kelley--808
  11. Timmerman/Jordan--802
  12. McClain/O'Dell--797
  13. Axom/Davis--796
  14. Mountz/Hyduke--794
  15. O'Dell/Melton--782
  16. O'Dell/Hodges--779
  17. Parker/Parker--777
  18. Dorn/McCary--773
  19. tie-Doolittle/Griffin--773
  20. McAlister/Futch--754
  21. Salters/Addison--752
  22. Camak/Camak--743
  23. Scott/White--736
  24. Acton/Acton--735
  25. Griffin/Hanley--718
  26. Pinson/Haynes--695
  27. Laughlin/Cole--692
  28. Fowler/Eaton--638
  29. Robinson/Edwards--662
  30. Rumfelt/Culbertson--659
  31. Fuller/Smith--651
  32. Allen/Allen--528
  33. Richey/Haynes--479
  34. Watts/Pitts--448
  35. Plake/Rhodes--405
  36. Young/Young--349
  37. tie-Shipes/Shipes--349
  38. Yelton/Yelton--338
  39. Hatcher/Hamon--317
  40. Ammons/Williamson--312
  41. Nick/Ray Allen--310
  42. Horton/Hughes--282
  43. Bannister/Rexrode--276
  44. Sizemore/Fricks--269
  45. Sisson/Lowery--257
  46. Martin/Branyon--256
  47. Smith/Rousey--243
  48. Miller/Miller--235
  49. Strause/Allen--212
  50. Fortner/Salters--204
  51. Duncan/Graham--188
  52. Kidd/Sparks--146
  53. Little/Day--145
  54. Yates/Keoppen--124
  55. Jones/Crowley--84
  56. Fortner/Frazier--60