1998 & 1999 TOUR CHAMPIONS

Vince Bass and Ed Warren where not only the first Tour Champions of the Five Lakes Fishing Club but they are also the only repeat winners of the Championship. Both of their titles came when the Championship was decided by total cumulative weight for the year.

1998 saw Gary McClain and Brad O'Dell leading the first half of the year until the night tournament on Lake Russell when Vince and Ed got on a roll edging out Brad and Gary in the year end standings by only two and a half pounds.

1999 was a different story entirely. The first half of the year the Points lead was swapped by the teams of Bobby Stoudemire and Tommy Simmons, Jeff O'Dell and Steve Arsenault, and Gary McClain and Brad O'Dell. The second half of the season was dominated by Vince and Ed, winning three tournaments, who won the title by fourteen pounds over the second place team of Paul O'Dell and Tim Hodges.