2000 Points

  1. Jones/Crowley--513
  2. Pruitt/Still--505
  3. Sprouse/Martin--498
  4. Stoudemire/Simmons--491
  5. McClain/O'Dell--487
  6. Allen/Gary--485
  7. O'Dell/Arsenault--482
  8. Henderson/Vaughn--478
  9. Salters/Futch--466
  10. Parson/Willis--456
  11. O'Dell/Hodges--452
  12. Plake/Mitchell--441
  13. Sizemore/Fricks--371
  14. McAlister/McAlister--333
  15. Griffin/Stewart--303
  16. Dean/Dean--301
  17. Kelley/Kelley--297
  18. Manley/Kinney--245
  19. Holloway/Holllaway--240
  20. Hanley/Griggin--214
  21. Batson/Calliham--201
  22. Shipes/Shipes--198
  23. Kidd/Little--193
  24. Strause/Quarles--165
  25. Butler/Butler--121
  26. Dean/Butler--108
  27. Calliham/Jones--108
  28. Warren/Broadwell--102
  29. Fortner/Hasting--33

2000 Tour Champions

The 2000 season was dominated by the team of Shannen Sprouse and Patrick Martin as well as the team of Randy Jones and Don Crowley. Both of these teams scored two tournament victories during the year with Randy and Don taking the points lead after their second win of the year in September. Patrick and Shannon won the final tournament of the year but still came up short in the final point standings.

Charles Pruitt and John Still proved that consistant top ten finishes were the key to finishing high in the point standings. Their highest tournament finish of the year was a second place finish in June.

The 2000 season was the last year we had repeat tournament wins by one team during a tournament year.