1. Each team will be limited to five fish, bass only, 12 inches or better. Anyone bringing a "short" fish to the scales will be penalized that fish plus their biggest fish. You may ask, at the measuring station, for courtesy check of questionable fish. The daily limit may be changed if conditions warrant. This will be the decision of the director. Artifical lures only.
  2. Life jackets must be worn while outboard is running.
  3. All live wells will be checked before each tournament.
  4. Any team less than 10 minutes late will be assessed a 1 pound penalty for each minute late. Any team more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified.
  5. Ties will be determined by the team's big fish.
  6. Deadline for registration for each tournament will be 15 minutes before blast off.
  7. Entry fee will be $60.00 per boat per tournament with 2 participants. This $60.00 entry fee will also include each boat in the big fish pot.
  8. In the event that a member cannot fish a tournament with his normal partner, a substitute will be allowed to fish in his place. This will only be allowed twice per team without penalty. An alternate can be anyone including another club member. In the event another Club Member is used as an alternate, only one team will be awarded points for that tournament. The only exception to this rule will be in the Tour Championship Tournament where only another Member may act as an alternate.
  9. The launch sequence for each tournament will be decided by the finishing order of the prior tournament. The only exception to this will be the first tournament of the year in which the reigning points champion will leave first. The remaining order will be determined by the order of registration.
  10. Each tournament will commence at safe light with weigh in at 3:00 p.m.
  11. In the event a tournament can not be held on the scheduled date, it will be held the following day. If it can not be held on that day, it will not be rescheduled.
  12. The payout for each Tournament will be based on the number of entrants in that tournament. For total weight, one place will be paid for every ten entries and 2 places will be paid for Big Fish. The sample payout below is for a tournament with 65 boats:
    1. 1st Place-$1000.00
    2. 2nd Place-$540.00
    3. 3rd Place-$440.00
    4. 4th Place-$380.00
    5. 5th Place-$300.00
    6. 6th Place-$180.00
    7. 7th Place-$80.00
    8. Big Fish-$300.00
    9. 2nd BF-$100.00
  13. Membership dues for the club will be $50.00 per year per person. The proceeds will go toward the year-end points fund. Only club members will be allowed to fish.
  14. Each team will be allowed to count their best 9 tournaments toward the "Tour Championship".
  15. "Tour Champions " will be determined by a points system. Each tournament winner will receive 105 points with each place thereafter receiving 1 less point down to the last boat with any weight. Every paid entry will receive a bonus 45 points.
    1. The team with the most cumulative points at the end of the season will win the year-end award of "Tour Champions" paying trophies and $1,200.00 in cash and two Limited Edition Championship Rings.
    2. Any moneys left over at the end of the year will be paid to the second through twentith place teams in the point standings.
    3. Any team winning or placing in the money at any tournament may be required to take a polygraph test. Teams finishing in the top ten in points may also be required to take a polygraph.
  16. The angler who catches the biggest fish of the year will also receive a trophy.
  17. The penalty for any rules infraction will be(but not limited to)the loss of any points received for that particular tournament..